I caught Oprah’s interview with Diane Sawyer this week, both women who work tirelessly and passionately.  While I feel like a small shadow of these magnificent role models, it is a relief when I hear that they have fears and doubts like the rest of us humans!  Diane was talking about the day of the earthquake in Haiti.  She was in Afghanistan and she and her team made the decision to fly to Haiti, via New York overnight with no sleep.  As she stood in line at the airport in New York, she said to herself, “I can’t do this” out of exhaustion. But she pressed on and found the energy to do the job, out of dedication and passion no doubt.

Diane’s comments made me feel better about myself because I have literally said the exact same words over the past year – I can’t do this anymore – every time I received a rejection from a publisher or agent for my book, Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK!   Without the deep conviction that I must get this book into the hands of the public, I would have given up. There is a fire inside of me that won’t go out, no matter what words of defeat come out of my mouth. I know that I must publish this book so that people can read about the stories of dogs who were used for breeding in puppy mills – the places where dogs are mass-bred for profits.  It amazes me how many people still believe that it’s okay to buy a puppy from a pet store or over the Internet, or in certain areas of the country, from an Amish or Mennonite farmer. The need to educate people and help the dogs is the fire that fuels me.

Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK! will not succomb to my occasional mind-weary declarations defeat. I made the decision to self-publish and the book will be out in a couple of months.  It’s not easy but, thankfully, I get the encouragement from others, like Diane Sawyer, who said at one time that they couldn’t do it but did.  And we’re all grateful for it.